Are We Fancy Instrument Folks?

Are We Fancy Instrument Folks?

Illustration for article titled QOTD: Are We Fancy Tool People?

Photograph: Rory Carroll

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Some time in the past, somebody posted about AVE on Jalopnik and I immediately knew I’d spend lots of of hours watching his bizarre YouTube channel. 4 years later, I’m a subscriber, a Patreon supporter, and on a regular basis I used to be supposed to place into maintaining with status TV has gone to watching a pair of Canadian palms manipulating instruments of all types. Most not too long ago, I caught this little video on some very nice Japanese instruments from Nepros.

Which obtained an age-old query kicking round in my cranium. On the subject of instruments, are you a buy-once, cry as soon as particular person? Or are you a purchase, break, purchase once more, break once more particular person? Harbor Freight or SK? Are we fancy instrument individuals?

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